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HopefulMT started this conversation
Hi! We are a family of four that has been making good money until I lost my job. We lived paycheck to paycheck as I was due to mostly medical bills. I am a social worker with resources to share and looking for resources for my families current situation. Thanks all!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to HopefulMT
Hi there no resources that i know of for what u looking for i was just telling u what people ask for on here
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HopefulMT   in reply to woman in a shoe
Did I ask for anything other than resources?
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woman in a shoe
This is only a info site i don't understand what u need help with one thing i can tell u there no cash on this site. And we know all the resources to give people we been on here for years given out resources to people. The ones that comes on or look for food a place to live stuff like that or they looking for cash for something.
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